Houston, we have a title change!

My publisher and I have been revamping the fifth book in the REAL LOVE series before it's even written! See, once I wrote RUMOR HAS IT I knew I had to step up the book that followed. Rumor is fun and sexy--exactly what the Real Love world demands. Meanwhile, the other book simply didn't have that zing

When I pitch the books to my editor months and months before I sit down to write it, I pitch a rough idea in a one-sheet synopsis and see what she thinks. Titles are often (almost always) subject to change, and on occasion the back cover copy gets a major overhaul. Such is the case with the formerly-titled ALL I ASK.

New title. New premise. 

What we decided to do was retitle the book and punch up the storyline to give it that same sassy, fun, sweet-n-sexy vibe that Real Love fans have come to expect. I'm working on the back cover copy now, and my editor and I have tossed around several super-fun ideas for how to honor the series with this 5th installment. While I can't share all the sparkly details just yet, what I can tell you is that we've decided to title it AMERICA'S SWEETHEART.

This title was 100% not my idea, but when I heard it, I was in love. I immediately thought of the fun rom-com movie America's Sweethearts, and then started thinking about Notting Hill as well and thought, "Oh yes, this idea has all the potential for a Real Love book!"

That's all the news I have for now, but I'll share more as it develops! Bookmark this page or keep an eye on the Lemmon 15 for details.