Pretty in Pink

Hey sexy readers!

Those of you who follow my Instagram may have noticed a recent "theme" the layout. Since IG is a grid, they display in groupings of 3, which makes life easier for me since I can think in 3s whenever I go to post new content.

I'll choose a border, or a style, or a theme. Here was my current grid:


Fun right?

When I started thinking about my next three, I knew I wanted to use a photo of Shut Up and Kiss Me. I *love* the cover for SUKM, and I'd just finished copyedits so it was on my mind. The pale pink and dove gray are gorgeous. (Fun fact: I gave heroine, Tasha, the same color bedding.) 

Now... what other two to choose to add to the theme...?

How about every pink cover I have??


Except I have four pink covers (hello, Tempting the Billionaire), so I had to narrow it down to three.

I trickled these out onto my Instagram feed this week, but I wanted to compile them here for your reading pleasure. 

ICYMI, here is the Pretty in Pink trio!



A word about the design: The major challenge of designing an Instagram post with a book cover is the perfectly square format. Book covers, being rectangular, present a challenge of "white space" so I had to come up with something to fill it. The circle with an outline complemented my name in a box, so I went with that. But what to write in it?! How about a little nugget from the story? Ohh, now we're talking! Sprinkle in a few details and there you have it.

A word about the book: First off, it's DONE. Woohoo! Shut Up and Kiss Me copyedits were turned in, my friends! Barring any proofreading or questions about the edits, I put this baby to bed. Here's a roundup of things to know:

Book stuff:

  1. POV: First Person, dual (both hero and heroine)
  2. First line: When I woke up in the hospital room, fuzzy from pain meds and disoriented, you’d think the first thing on my mind would be my memory of the accident. 
  3. Heat level out of 5: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  4. Dark or light? While Cade is dealing with some speech issues, and getting his life back on track, this book is considerably lighter than its predecessor Fighting for Devlin.

Character stuff:

  1. Cade Wilson used to be prelaw until a street racing injury rattled his brain and stole his speech.
  2. Tasha Montgomery is finishing up her degree to be a PTA, and in the meantime is helping Cade regain his ability to speak without a stutter... or she will... as soon as he starts trying.
  3. Once these two hated each other, but now they're kissing each other. Hey, Tasha wanted to work on "oral therapy", what did she expect?

Release stuff:

  1. Releases December 6, 2016 from Loveswept
  2. Will be available digitally everywhere (sorry, guys, no print on this one.)
  3. Pre-order now available




A word about the book: TBB released in June of 2016 to RAVE reviews! As of this blog, there are 112 Amazon reviews with a 4.6 average, and 626 Goodreads ratings with a 4.13 average! Readers love Reese & Merina.

Book stuff:

  1. POV: Third Person, dual (both hero and heroine)
  2. First line: The Van Heusen hotel was the love of Merina Van Heusen's life. 
  3. Heat level out of 5: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  4. Stubborn or Sweet? Yes. Readers find Reese's pigheaded stubbornness a huge draw or a huge turnoff, but most everyone agrees that he won their heart by the end. Reese is a broken man who needed Merina more than he ever could have imagined.

Character stuff:

  1. Reese Crane is the eldest brother of three and in the process of taking over CEO... all he needs to attain it is a wife. 
  2. Merina Van Heusen marches into Reese's office when she discovers her parents sold the family boutique hotel to the Cranes to give him a piece of her mind. She gives him a doorknob.
  3. ...and then he proposes. I promise it all makes sense in the book.

Release stuff:

  1. Now available from Forever
  2. Print, digital, and audio versions available




A word about the book: The bad boy who started them all is actually the last brother from the Love in the Balance series. Evan Downey was a pre-existing character, I just moved him to a new town. Evan is, as far as I can tell, my most beloved hero. Readers get enough of his sexy swagger or alpha-tastic behavior.

Book stuff:

  1. POV: Third Person, dual (both hero and heroine)
  2. First line: He'd heard the stress of moving was like dealing with a death, but since Evan Downey had dealt with a lot of death, it was with a fair amount of authority he called bullshit.
  3. Heat level out of 5: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  4. Stubborn or Sweet? Sweet. This single father is a widower who, while he is undoubtedly a bad boy who lives by his own rules, does every single person in his world right.

Character stuff:

  1. Evan Downey, tattoo artist turned children's book illustrator, falls for his late wife's best friend when he moves to a lakeside town. 
  2. Charlie Harris is determined to stay loyal to her dead best friend, but how can she deny the deep love she feels for both Evan and his son, Lyon?
  3. Finger painting. The scene is famous among readers. That's all I'm saying. ;)

Release stuff:

  1. Now available from Forever
  2. Print and digital versions available