Quickie Sheet

Picture this:

You just came up with an awesome story idea. You rush to your computer. You tap out as much dialog as you can. Scene ideas get scribbled onto Post-it notes. A file folder is made and you tuck in that article you read about the Top 5 best beaches. You make a Pinterest board, and start a playlist.

Ah, such is the life of a writer.

Or... at least such is my life as a writer.

Recently, I woke up at 2AM, bleary eyed and groggy because two characters were having a conversation and keeping me from sleeping. The ideas were so specific, I knew if I didn't get up and write it down, I'd lose every last vestige of those two. So I did it. I crawled/dragged out of bed and wrote. Everything came at me at once, but I typed until I'd exhausted all avenues in my very tired brain.

I was so glad I did! I wouldn't have remembered anything the next morning, and in fact, some of what I wrote surprised me.  8-O 

...But what happens when you start to actually craft a story out of these bits and pieces? I found myself in just this situation this week and decided to make a form. Which could be construed as "procrastination" but I like to call it "process".


Enter: the Quickie Sheet!


Now, the Quickie sheet isn't meant to be a whole picture of your book, more a place to start. If you're like me, you find that you only know a few things about your characters to start and the rest of those details reveal themselves as you write the book. This is the fun part of writing (maybe even my favorite part!) Making things up on the fly and learning about the characters in an organic way keeps me on the edge of my seat. What can I say? I like when they surprise me.

For example: I didn't know Evan was going to suggest super sexy finger-painting, but I'm so glad he did. 

I wanted to show you the form filled out so you'd see how to use it. Don't worry, there is a blank printable at the end of this blog so you can start clean. :) 

Some things are blank--and you may find that you can't fill in everything. That's okay! Even if this isn't a complete picture of the book you're drafting, at least you can start somewhere.

And, bonus: it's pretty! 💋

I wanted to share this with you in case you were starting a book based on a fragment of an idea like I was. This should help you putty in a few holes, even if you're a pantser.

Note: I used to be a pantser and then realized a little planning went a long, long way toward avoiding rewrites. Now I do plot some, though I find myself diverting from the original synopsis when necessary.

Without any further adieu, here is the link for a printable .pdf!

Happy plotting & jotting!