The Billionaire Bachelor is here!

Today is the day you find out about #ReesesRocket!

Nothing is quite as exciting as the first book in a new series, amirite? I'm absolutely thrilled to announce the release of The Billionaire Bachelor!

Here's what readers are saying:

"This is a must read! I highly recommend it." ~Bette

"Loved every single second. It was everything I want in a story. I couldn't get enough! And Reese? Oh my! He melts my heart." ~Gretchen

"I have found a new series, and a new author to follow." ~Sofia

Here's what the industry is saying:

"Lemmon hits the right emotional buttons with this lavish, indulgence-fueled romance."―Publishers Weekly on The Billionaire Bachelor

"Wonderfully entertaining storytelling filled with sharp, sassy banter. A cast of appealing secondary characters, a solid, contemporary plot with Reese and Merina's strong sexual tension and fiery chemistry will have readers hooked."―RT Book Reviews on The Billionaire Bachelor



Reese stepped in, wearing a dark suit and pale butter-yellow tie. In his pocket was a matching kerchief, and shiny black shoes poked out of sharp pants accentuating thick thighs and, yeah, she’d admit it, a nice ass. He’d made good time.

“Welcome to a real hotel, Crane,” Merina called from the doorway of the bar. “We can talk about your proposal in here.”

He turned to face her, his expression registering surprise that faded quickly into his usual take-charge façade. “Very well.”

His steps were sure and strong, his body moving like it’d been crafted to walk toward a woman. Merina expected Reese to look at home only in his whitewashed hotel with no personality. But he also looked like he belonged in the warmth of the Van Heusen, with its deep, rich woods and tapestry-style chairs. The soft lighting warmed his skin and made the flecks of gold stand out in his facial hair.

He was alarmingly attractive tonight, and she decided to blame that observation on her always-present sleep deprivation.

“How does it feel stepping into a place with soul?” she asked as he followed her in.

“You mean where I’m served milk and cookies rather than aged scotch?”

“We have both.”

“I’ll have a scotch.” With a nod, he moved to the bar.

“Sorry. Bar’s closed.” She wouldn’t allow him to come in here and boss her around. He was on her turf.

For now, anyway.

Glancing at her mug, he looked as if he was weighing his options of whether to argue about the bar being closed or not. He must have decided against it. He said nothing more.

Nothing. Even though he’d called this after-hours meeting.

“Would you like to sit?” May as well start the ball rolling.

His expression turned slightly amused before he nodded. “Sure.”

She led him away from the bar—no way was she propping up on one of those hard wooden seats after the day she’d had—and slid into a booth. He sat across from her, and with half the lights off in the lounge, the seating arrangement felt intimate.

He regarded the bar, his mouth twisting in indecision. Like he was debating on what part of it to tear out first.

“Okay,” Merina interrupted to take his mind off destroying her second favorite room in the hotel. She wrapped her hands around her mug of steaming tea. “What did you need to see me about?”

“A proposal.” His eyes snapped to hers. “I’m willing to let you and your parents keep your jobs and leave the Van Heusen as bohemian as you like.”

It was everything she wanted to hear. Like a miracle had occurred. Had he grown a conscience? Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. “What’s the catch?”

He smiled, then said two words that made her go temporarily blind in one eye. “Marry me.”

In all the imaginings she’d ever had about a marriage proposal, absolutely zero of them included billionaires she barely knew. A small, slightly hysterical laugh left her lips.

Reese didn’t flinch.

“Did you just say…” She closed her eyes and pushed the rest from her constricted chest. “Marry you?” Surely not. Surely she’d hallucinated that...