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*if you haven't read the Dallas Billionaires Club series, you may encounter spoilers on this page!


December 20th



Good morning, Dallas!

Blake Eastwood from Dallas series_ Depositphotos_56639909_original.jpg

The Very Dapper Blake Eastwood

…but where is his so-called fiancée?

As maven of this fine city, the Dallas Duchess makes it her job to know the happenings of all local royalty, and in this town, no royalty is finer than the Fergusons.

“Princess” Stefanie Ferguson: socialite, billionaire, and party girl has been spotted once again on the arm of foxy and charming Blake Eastwood who just so happens to be the mayor’s biggest opponent. (Naughty, naughty!) And, my savvy duchess dolls, you’re all aware that the mayor = Stefanie’s gorgeous and recently betrothed brother. Yes, ladies, another of Dallas’s eligible bachelors is about to bite the dust.

(As an aside, you long-timers may recall my breaking story about the mayor shacking up in Montana during a snowstorm with his old flame. Hotcha! See? You always hear it here first.)

But, back to Princess Stef and her dashing bad boy… By now you’ve no doubt seen the photo circulating social media of Blake and Stefanie dancing cheek-to-cheek at a Toys for Tots fundraiser. And if you’re an astute observer like moi, you felt the sparks flying from that photo. As of right this very minute, I can confirm what my pittering-pattering heart was hoping for the most:

Stefanie and Blake are together!

Recently, I spoke with Blake myself and while I couldn’t get him to commit to a timeline, I did learn a verrrry juicy bit of intel.


Dallas Duchess: I have to ask for the sake of my readers: Are you and Stefanie Ferguson seeing each other again?

Blake Eastwood: [lets out a sexy chuckle] Um. Yes. We are.

DD: [squeals of delight] Can you tell me more?

BE: I can tell you that it’s new, but serious.

DD: Put-a-ring-on-it serious?

BE: Come on, Duchess, I can’t let every cat out of the bag.

DD: But it’s almost Christmas! Surely you can give us a hint.

BE: Christmastime is Stef’s favorite time of the year. She whispered in my ear just yesterday that it’s perfect time to shop at Tiffany & Co., and you’re talking to a man who knows how to take a hint.


Ladies, gentleman. If that’s not a confirmation that Blake is popping the question Stefanie is begging him to ask, I don’t know what is! Go forth and share across social media with the links below. Looks like a Christmas engagement could be forthcoming! 




December 26th



...and it's not the guy you think

Em and Stef wedding Dallas series_Depositphotos_54851785_original.jpg

Stefanie Ferguson weds Emmett Keaton


You read that right, my little chickadees.

Despite my exclusive with Blake Eastwood, the Ferguson princess has taken the hand of a different man!


Emmett Keaton heads up security for our very own mayor McSexy, aka, Chase Ferguson, and now... the mayor's baby sis has WED Keaton. Talk about scoop! All of this after I sat down with Blake Eastwood and learned that Blake was planning on popping the question. 

So, what gives? Was Blake leading me on (that feisty rake), or did Stefanie pull a fast one and revenge marry another man? 

Only time will tell... stay tuned for the latest scoop right here.




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