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The Lemmon 15 :: October 2017


In this month’s issue:

  • Snowed In… sneak peek!
  • My 21-day wellness program update!
  • A contest to write a tagline for the Lemmon 15!
  • Rumor Has It back cover copy!
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Jessica Lemmon 

Audio Release Day: Eye Candy & Arm Candy

Yup. You read that right!

Eye Candy and Arm Candy are now LIVE on audio!
So, grab that Audible app and get to downloading!


Listen up! Samples available at the links below:

Eye Candy sample → 

Arm Candy sample →




I’m giving away two audio copies of EYE CANDY on 10/11/17 over at my Facebook page. Don’t miss it! Follow/Like me here →


Happy listening,

Jessica 🙂 

No More Blog Subscriptions

Hi everyone,

Coming soon, there will no longer be a “blog subscription” feature on my website which means you won’t be able to receive an email whenever a new blog goes up on this website. 

Unfortunately, the automated process experienced several glitches that were irritating and inconsistent. Either it didn’t send out the alert (bounce back), chucked the alert into your Spam folder rather than your Inbox, or as of lately started referring to you as “Example” instead of by your first name.


I had envisioned the signup to be a beautiful reminder like the Lemmon 15, but that’s simply not the case. I’m retiring it as of now with the help of my webmaster, and I’m sorry if that causes an inconvenience to those of you who were receiving the emails.

If you were accustomed to receiving nudges from the blog, you may want to adjust your habits in one of the following ways:

  • Follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Any time there is a new blog post, I’ll be sharing the link there. As with every social media giant nowadays, posts are prioritized based on algorithm so you may need to go to my actual page to see what’s new. My Facebook page is HERE. My Twitter page is HERE.
  • Check the Lemmon 15. Last month, I included links to recent blog posts and I’ll be doing that again in the future. The Lemmon 15 arrives in your inbox on the 15th of every month and is a great substitute for those bi-weekly or weekly email alerts. Side note: Sometimes the Lemmon 15 gets chucked into the Spam folder, too! Make sure you set a calendar alarm to look for it, and add the sender email address to your contacts to make sure it comes through. Not subscribed? You can do so HERE (it’s free) or read more about what the Lemmon 15 is HERE.
  • Join the Lemmondrops. The superfan group might be another way for you to find out if you’ve missed recent news, but I’m not as consistent about posting blog links there since I do so on my Facebook page and my Twitter account.

I hope this helps! You can always do things the old fashioned way and bookmark my blog page and check it with your morning coffee. I don’t update every day by any means, but going forward I’m aiming to blog a minimum of once a week.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, but the feature simply wasn’t doing what we wanted it to do!



Eye Candy on Audiobook UPDATE

Hi there!

I know I announced that EYE CANDY was supposed to release on Audiobook today (9/21), but evidently that date is not correct. I’m so sorry of the confusion! I contacted Audible and found out that they expect the audio to go live in October. As I receive an update on the progress, I’ll let you know.

*Audio for the rest of the Real Love series will be released a little later than the actual book release since it’s coming directly from Audible. I’m excited to say that I’ve been allowed to choose my narrators for each of the books, so when you hear Vince and Jackie, you will be hearing the voices I felt most matched the characters.


Super cool.  😎



More Real Love

It’s official!

There are going to be more Real Love books in the series coming in 2018. If you’re a super savvy fan, you noticed I trickled out the placeholder covers and a banner for the newbies on this website as well as in September’s Lemmon 15, you sly foxes you. 😏


So, what gives on the titles?

Ah, I see you’ve noticed that there’s no “Candy” in the title on these new ones. That’s because books 4 & 5 are technically spin-offs. Like the other “Candy” books, they can be read as standalones, but you do get a glimpse at some of the earlier characters.

Will they be in print?

Like the rest of the series, Rumor Has It and All I Ask will be available in e-book and audio formats.

Who are they about?! Anyone we know??

Not yet! But no worries, you’ll be introduced to Barrett Fox (Rumor Has It’s hero) in Man Candy, and you’ll be introduced to Jackson Burke (All I Ask’s hero) in Rumor Has It.

Can you tell us anything about the plot?

I sure can. I put these fun little graphics on the individual book pages, but how about I share them here for you as well?


**THIS JUST IN** We have back cover copy & buy links for RUMOR! Click here to see them.




Is preorder available?

Not yet! This book deal was very recently inked, but I promise as they become available I’ll list the links on the book’s pages.

Do they have release dates?

They do! Rumor Has It will be out in May 2018 and All I Ask will be out in October 2018.

Anything else you can tell us about them?

Hmm… possibly, but by now you know the drill. The Lemmondrops will have first peeks at the works in progress. (Want to join? Click here.) You can also take a peek at the behind the scenes section on the individual books’ pages to see who inspired the hero and heroine.


More to come!



the Lemmon 15 :: September 2017

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the Lemmon 15 :: August 2017

the Lemmon 15 is LIVE!


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  • PRICE DROP! Eye Candy is on sale, y’all
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Jessica Lemmon 

Eye Candy Price Drop


Eye Candy is on sale for a limited time!


I was as surprised as you are to hear that my publisher was marking down first book in the REAL LOVE series to $1.99. Right now, you can save three bucks on Vince and Jackie’s story, and catch up on Davis and Grace before Arm Candy releases on September 5.



“A friends to lovers/office romance/kind of second chance contemporary story with a romantic comedy vibe.”—Bobo’s Book Bank (five stars)

“Friends-to-lovers story get your mojo going? Then, be sure to take a look at Eye Candy.”—The Romance Reviews
Eye Candy has a very rom-com feel to it that I enjoyed.”—All About Romance
Eye Candy is a humorous and sexy friends-to-lovers and workplace romance. Jessica Lemmon entertained with the dialogue and interactions among a strong cast of characters. Ms. Lemmon created a nice balance of friendship and romance with good character development. Fans of Liora Blake and Mari Madison will enjoy Eye Candy.”—Harlequin Junkie



Click to order for $1.99!

*prices may vary depending on where you live. please check your local e-tailer for pricing.



Release Day! Eye Candy

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“…a cute, humorous, sexy story with plenty of steam.” ~Carol

“Her writing style is perfect: light, funny and without unnecessary ramblings.”
~Under the Pages

Eye Candy is the perfect example of best friends falling in love.” ~Beth

“a fantastically written friends-to-lovers romance that will have you smiling the entire time you’re reading.” ~Sabrina


Dear Reader,

Once upon a time . . . or, well, in June of 2016 . . . my husband and I were on a Tennessee vacation with a group of close friends. We’d just bellied up to the bar and ordered drinks when a man jogged by the huge glass windows. My husband pointed him out, watching me as I watched the runner—in his gorgeous, splendid, shirtless glory—dash by outside and disappear out of sight. My beloved wore a smirk when my eyes came back to his. Then he said, “You’re welcome,” because he knew he’d gifted me the mother of all plot bunnies.

I kept wondering what kind of heroine would be watching that golden god jog by. Who was she? Where did she work? At 4 AM that next morning, I jolted out of bed when I figured it out, and grabbed my laptop. The answer, as we now know, was Jacqueline Butler from her office window where she is Vice President of a marketing company. The even bigger surprise for me was when Vince, her coworker, uttered his first line mid-Chapter 1, and I realized that *he* was the hero, not the buff runner outside.

(Oh, and guess what else? I was only going to write *one* book… until Vince’s best friend Davis hit the page and then I decided I had to know more about him, too.) Arm Candy

I hope you get swept off your feet by this book as much as I did while writing it. It’s a lot of romantic fun, with that serious emotional punch you’ve come to expect from a Jessica Lemmon book.




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Watching Jackie run is painful. Mostly for my erection.

Do you know how uncomfortable it is to sport a boner while jogging? My only saving grace is that my shorts are baggy, unlike hers.

Hers are molded to her ass. Spandex, pink with a white stripe down each leg. And she’s wearing a sports bra with a sliced tank top over it. I can see so much of her skin, I’m having trouble concentrating on anything but the part of me demanding to make himself known.

“I’m . . . awful . . . at . . . this,” she pants, coming to a clumsy stop, her ponytail drooping to one side. She tugs the elastic free and pulls her fingers through her hair. “Dumb. Dumb idea.”

I come to a stop too, nowhere near as out of breath as she is. I can run ten miles. We’ve only gone a few blocks from my house.

“I don’t know why we didn’t do this at your apartment,” I argue. Again.

“Because! I don’t want him to see me like this!”

Her full lips are parted, breasts heaving as she sucks in another breath. Her cheeks have a pink hue and are slightly damp from perspiration. I agree with her. I don’t want him seeing her like this either… (keep reading)





the Lemmon 15 :: July 2017

the Lemmon 15 is LIVE!


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  • Official Harlequin announcement
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