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Jessica Lemmon 

Eye Candy Price Drop


Eye Candy is on sale for a limited time!


I was as surprised as you are to hear that my publisher was marking down first book in the REAL LOVE series to $1.99. Right now, you can save three bucks on Vince and Jackie’s story, and catch up on Davis and Grace before Arm Candy releases on September 5.



“A friends to lovers/office romance/kind of second chance contemporary story with a romantic comedy vibe.”—Bobo’s Book Bank (five stars)

“Friends-to-lovers story get your mojo going? Then, be sure to take a look at Eye Candy.”—The Romance Reviews
Eye Candy has a very rom-com feel to it that I enjoyed.”—All About Romance
Eye Candy is a humorous and sexy friends-to-lovers and workplace romance. Jessica Lemmon entertained with the dialogue and interactions among a strong cast of characters. Ms. Lemmon created a nice balance of friendship and romance with good character development. Fans of Liora Blake and Mari Madison will enjoy Eye Candy.”—Harlequin Junkie



Click to order for $1.99!

*prices may vary depending on where you live. please check your local e-tailer for pricing.



Release Day! Eye Candy

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“…a cute, humorous, sexy story with plenty of steam.” ~Carol

“Her writing style is perfect: light, funny and without unnecessary ramblings.”
~Under the Pages

Eye Candy is the perfect example of best friends falling in love.” ~Beth

“a fantastically written friends-to-lovers romance that will have you smiling the entire time you’re reading.” ~Sabrina


Dear Reader,

Once upon a time . . . or, well, in June of 2016 . . . my husband and I were on a Tennessee vacation with a group of close friends. We’d just bellied up to the bar and ordered drinks when a man jogged by the huge glass windows. My husband pointed him out, watching me as I watched the runner—in his gorgeous, splendid, shirtless glory—dash by outside and disappear out of sight. My beloved wore a smirk when my eyes came back to his. Then he said, “You’re welcome,” because he knew he’d gifted me the mother of all plot bunnies.

I kept wondering what kind of heroine would be watching that golden god jog by. Who was she? Where did she work? At 4 AM that next morning, I jolted out of bed when I figured it out, and grabbed my laptop. The answer, as we now know, was Jacqueline Butler from her office window where she is Vice President of a marketing company. The even bigger surprise for me was when Vince, her coworker, uttered his first line mid-Chapter 1, and I realized that *he* was the hero, not the buff runner outside.

(Oh, and guess what else? I was only going to write *one* book… until Vince’s best friend Davis hit the page and then I decided I had to know more about him, too.) Arm Candy

I hope you get swept off your feet by this book as much as I did while writing it. It’s a lot of romantic fun, with that serious emotional punch you’ve come to expect from a Jessica Lemmon book.




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Watching Jackie run is painful. Mostly for my erection.

Do you know how uncomfortable it is to sport a boner while jogging? My only saving grace is that my shorts are baggy, unlike hers.

Hers are molded to her ass. Spandex, pink with a white stripe down each leg. And she’s wearing a sports bra with a sliced tank top over it. I can see so much of her skin, I’m having trouble concentrating on anything but the part of me demanding to make himself known.

“I’m . . . awful . . . at . . . this,” she pants, coming to a clumsy stop, her ponytail drooping to one side. She tugs the elastic free and pulls her fingers through her hair. “Dumb. Dumb idea.”

I come to a stop too, nowhere near as out of breath as she is. I can run ten miles. We’ve only gone a few blocks from my house.

“I don’t know why we didn’t do this at your apartment,” I argue. Again.

“Because! I don’t want him to see me like this!”

Her full lips are parted, breasts heaving as she sucks in another breath. Her cheeks have a pink hue and are slightly damp from perspiration. I agree with her. I don’t want him seeing her like this either… (keep reading)





the Lemmon 15 :: July 2017

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Jessica Lemmon 

Price Drop Alert (Plus, it’s birthday week!)


Keep reading for a special BIRTHDAY WEEK giveaway announcement! 


You may or may not remember this one, guys, but once upon a time (last January), I wrote a super angst-filled standalone story for Random House (Loveswept) about a man who’d just returned from prison to confront his abusive father and ended up … kidnapping his high school crush.

I know, right?! This is the total opposite direction than my upcoming romantic comedy filled with hijinks and hilarity. But if you’re anything like me, you’re not one note. You like your dramas as well as your comedies.

You’re in luck if you missed this one because my publisher marked Forgotten Promises down to just 99¢ for a limited time. It’s available wherever e-books are sold, so get your hands on Tucker and Morgan and … maybe grab a box of tissues while you’re at it.






Chapter 1

Happy Freaking Birthday

I’m still gaping at my boyfriend from across the table at Pinky’s taco-slash-karaoke bar, and, if he doesn’t proceed very carefully, his final resting place.

Drew has an exaggerated look of remorse on his face I just know is manufactured.

“We didn’t plan to, Mo,” he tells me.

“Don’t call me that,” I manage and it’s the first words I’m capable of since he and Shayna dropped the bomb that they were doing the nasty. An accurate description, I think, mind still buzzing from either the tequila shots or the new information stinging my brain like a horde of angry bees.

“You’re disgusting.” I shoot daggers from my eyes at Shayna, who sits across the table from me and does her best kicked-puppy impression. Screwed over by my best friend. Correction: ex–best friend.

My accusation shifts her face from guilt-ridden bestie to offended bitch in such a short time frame, it’s almost laughable. “Drew has needs.”

She seriously did not just say that. I blink, stunned, and turn to face Drew, who is having a staring contest with his beer.

“I’m sorry?” I say to him, not the least bit sorry. “You have needs involving your penis in Shayna’s vagina?”

“In my mouth, actually,” she interjects, and it’s such a skanky thing to say I feel my mouth drop open. How was this my best friend? What the hell sort of circumstances led to my linking myself to the girl who one by one alienated our combined group of friends. And Drew! I glare at him.

“This breakup is about blowjobs?” I say a little too loudly.

“Several,” Shayna says with a smirk.

Every inch of me wants to tear her dark hair out by the roots. But I’ve seen enough daytime TV to know not to be the girl who yells at the other girl while the man in the room sits smugly and watches them fight over him.

The swine.

A rendition of “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood (being sung by a very drunk blonde in a very tight dress) plays from the stage behind me as I stand from my seat. Neither of my exes seems to notice the blatant appropriateness of the song, but I do. And while I don’t possess a Louisville Slugger, and Drew doesn’t have a four-wheel-drive truck, I feel inspired.

“Any reason you waited until tonight to share this with me?” I ask.

My father had offered to take me to a nice restaurant, give me my gifts there, treat me like a princess. But no. I turned him down. Told him Drew had “special plans” to take me out and surprise me.

In Drew’s defense, I am surprised.

“This was your epic plan for my birthday?” I ask.

“No.” He makes a sharp hand gesture and looks almost excited to have found some ground to stand on that’s not mired in quicksand and R.O.U.S.’s. “This was never the plan. Michaela and Jon and Bethany were planning on coming, too.”

His friends more than mine. Mine have absconded to college where they made college friends, went to college parties, and in general left those of us in Baybrook to our simple lives. Right now, I envy them.

“We were supposed to start here and finish at Milson’s summer party,” he adds.

Oh, my bad. The “big plan” for the night was a crappy karaoke bar followed by a party not thrown for me. What a jerk. I down my last tequila shot, and then, what the hell, Shayna’s tequila shot. I don’t need it, but I earned it.

“I’m going to have to get tested for skank diseases.” I curl my lip at Shayna. She sputters and crosses her arms but, wisely, says nothing. Maybe because Drew has put a hand on her arm communicating that her input would not be welcome at this juncture.

I decide, while watching him stroke her arm tenderly, that I’m not nearly drunk enough to handle my current sitch. I’ll buy a bottle of wine on the way home and drink it in the comfort of my plush bedroom. Surrounded by teddy bears from my youth under my canopy bed. Maybe I’ll even dig out my old diary and write down how much I hate the two people I loved just four and a half minutes ago.

“And where are Michaela and Jon and Bethany? Did everyone just . . . cancel?” I gesture around me, aware I’m standing and talking loudly and drawing the attention from the girl yowling on stage. She’s trying. She really is.

“I texted everyone and told them to go to Milson’s. I said we were skipping Pinky’s,” Shayna explains. “I didn’t think you’d want them here.”

“We were trying to save you the embarrassment,” Drew’s cheeks turn a ruddy shade. As if my embarrassment is the issue?

“God. You are an idiot,” I say, but the anger is starting to burn off, leaving something ugly behind. Regret. And the kind of palpable sadness that cannot be soothed by Ben & Jerry’s and a Twilight marathon. Loss pings in my ribcage  when my thoughts turn to the friends who left me behind. If I had gone to law school like my father had encouraged, how different would my life be?

I can’t do this right now. I cannot have a breakdown in the middle of Pinky’s, for God’s sake. Ire is my only ally.

“We thought it was only fair to tell you before things between us went further.” Shayna’s gaze slides to one side where a pink cosmopolitan in a fancy glass rests by her manicured nails. “Well, that was the plan. We almost made it but couldn’t resist. . . .”

An evil smile twists her lips as she twines those talons around Drew’s hand.

“You had sex with her on my birthday?” I shriek, my temper hitting apocalyptic levels.

The room stills. The girl on stage stops her warbling. All that’s left is the canned background vocals on the track and someone behind me whispering “Wow.”

Through my fuzzy vision and heartbeat sloshing in my ears, I straighten my shoulders and mutter, “You two deserve each other.”

Grabbing Shayna’s drink, I dump it over Drew’s head and leave her to clean up her new bed buddy. As for me, I snatch my new Kate Spade (gift from my father), flip my freshly blown-out and highlighted hair (gift from my stepmother), and march out of Pinky’s without a single glance over my shoulder.

+ Giveaways all week!

Yep, you read that right. Since my birthday is on Friday, I decided to share the love with an E-stravaganza Giveaway! If you LIKE my Facebook page, you may have already seen a few giveaways. Winners will be drawn on FRIDAY so there’s still time to go back and enter all the giveaways (including the first one–a LIVE video pinned at the top of my page.) There’s a new giveaway EVERYDAY so lots of chances to win! Today’s offer is for an e-version of Jill Shalvis’s LOST AND FOUND SISTERS. Best of luck!

the Lemmon 15 :: June 2017


the Lemmon 15 is LIVE!


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Jessica Lemmon 

Blog Tour :: Eye Candy

Eye Candy has a blog tour! Here are the scheduled visits courtesy of Tasty Book Tours.



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the Lemmon 15 :: May 2017


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the Lemmon 15 is LIVE!



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Jessica Lemmon 

50 Hidden Desires is HERE!



“Author Jessica Lemmon’s writing added some spice to Holly’s sweet, budding relationship with Dalton—and it made me enjoy reading about their romance even more. I hope you will, too.”
 ~James Patterson

*Keep reading for info on the Latest Lemmon release or skip to the book page here!


The loooooooong wait is over!

I finished writing this James Patterson Bookshots a year ago, so I’ve been waiting a long time for you all to meet Dalton and Holly! 50 Hidden Desires is told in third person POV (he/she, him/her) and is a complete novel in a bite-size chunk that you can read in 1-3 hours depending on how fast of a reader you are.

For those of you looking forward to the print book, I’m sorry to say that they discontinued the line in print before mine could hit the presses. 🙁 The book is available on both digital and audio, the digital a sweet $2.99 price tag that *includes* a bonus novella by me! Can’t Let Go, originally published in 2013 is a companion novella between Tempting the Billionaire and Hard to Handle.

If you’ve already pre-ordered, there’s nothing more for you to do except enjoy the book and leave a review (pretty, pretty please?) but if you’re still on the fence, I’ve included a few excerpts that might sway you below.

Happy reading!

Jessica Lemmon

Know you want it?
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Ebook | Audio



Two days after The Incident, Holly pulled into the Brownsboro district and parked on the edge of the dirt-covered street. As neighborhoods outside of Hartford went, this one wasn’t the worst, but close to it.

Brownsboro’s potential was great, with its convenient location near a new apartment complex and revitalization project on the strip where several upscale restaurants had recently opened their doors.

When her father let her know about Browsboro, Holly had begged to be on the project. It was slightly out of her league, but she’d listed Dalton’s abilities and argued that together, they’d be the perfect team to run the project.

After a few anxious hours, her father agreed. Dalton had jumped at the chance to head up the project, and Holly hadn’t been surprised. If there was anyone unafraid to do difficult work, he was first in line.

Except for her. She was difficult and he wouldn’t do her. She spotted him on the other side of the street, his pale blue shirt stretched over his strong back, hands on his hips while he leaned over a clipboard and talked to a foreman. She grabbed the bright yellow hardhat from the front seat of her BMW and put it on. At the sound of her shutting her driver’s side door, Dalton turned his head. The moment he spotted her, his brow crashed down.

So not happy to see her… but still so sexy. He turned back to the foreman. In her world, men who wore suits and ties were dull and drab. Being onsite with the grouchy best friend of her brother was an exciting experience of jeans and tees and muscles and damn, Dalton had a great ass.

He fit here. He fit with her. All she had to do was convince him. Despite his firm “no” in her office, she’d glanced to his southerly hemisphere and caught sight of something equally firm. He was attracted to her, he just hadn’t wanted to admit it.

They’d known each other a long time, so his hesitance was understandable. But she needed him to see things the way she saw things. As part of her New Holly Resolution, she refused to take no for an answer. She was going to nail this.

So to speak.

❊ ❊ ❊

Ebook | Audio



The smell of fresh sawdust piped through the vent, and Holly’s gaze was focused on the house frames standing like sentinels. “Remember when I told you about the girl you took parking—”

“Let’s not rehash that tale of debauchery, yeah?”

“Who knew you were such a prude?” She laughed, the sound like chimes in the wind. “Well. I thought of another example.”


“There was this time at one of my parents’ parties…”

“Don’t tell me you saw something.” Please, God. Her hearing him talk shit with Jace was bad enough. If he’d known she’d been paying this close attention to him, he never would have given her such horrendous examples of what jerks guys could be.

“I was seventeen, then, and very worldly.” She gestured to herself, one hand over her breasts. Holly Larson wasn’t seventeen now. With the moonlight shining on those high cheekbones and her clear, concise way of speaking, it was obvious she’d grown into a vibrant, sexy woman. A woman who wanted him to touch her everywhere he could reach tonight.

Goddamn. It was a gift.

“You and this really gorgeous redhead were in the billiards room.”

He remembered her. Shelly. No, wait. Shelby. “She wasn’t that hot,” he argued.


Holly was hotter, but since that would sound like a line, he kept it to himself.

“You laid her down, but the room opened to the back of the couch, so I couldn’t see what was happening.”


“I just wanted to know what it would be like to be with… someone.”

The pause made him suspicious. Someone? Like him? His cheeks warmed and he reached for the vent.

“With you,” she confirmed. “So thanks for giving me the chance at experiencing, well… you.”

Her eyes, wide and earnest, were focused unerringly on him. She meant it. She seriously meant it. The guy who used to have a net worth of a TransAm was starring in Holly Larson’s fantasy.

She shouldn’t be thanking him. He hadn’t earned her.

Palm on her jaw, he leaned over the console and kissed her mouth like he’d envisioned that day she showed up at the construction site in Brownsboro. He didn’t want to talk about what he’d done with other girls in cars or at parties, and he didn’t want to think of Holly seeing or hearing about any of it.

He meant to pull away. He’d wanted it to be a quick experimental kiss to end the suspense. He meant to… but he didn’t.

❊ ❊ ❊

Ebook | Audio



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The Lemmon 15 :: April 2017


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