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what's the mayor of Dallas doing in the mountains with a mystery woman?



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*if you haven't read the Dallas Billionaires Club series, you may encounter spoilers on this page!




Mayor Chase Ferguson Stokes an Old Flame

If you are a loyal DD subject, then you know full well that I have a serious crush on the Mayor of Dallas.

Chase Ferguson.


Those eyes! That hair! That sometimes scruff!

It is with a heavy heart that I bring you news that the mayor was snowed in at his Montana cabin this Thanksgiving weekend ... WITHOUT ME!

Apparently, some siren from days gone by is taking up residence there. I have it under good authority that the mayor had a summer fling with her years ago. Since then she's been an active protestor of the oil industry! You know that Chase Ferguson owns a portion of Ferguson Oil. It's not as if a hippie conservationist is his cup of tea! I refuse to allow her to sully our beloved mayor's reputation, despite their torrid affair.

Her sights set on Chase’s billions to forward her own causes, Miriam plans on keeping our mayor on the hook until she bends him to her will. The duchess has always been a fan of the Fergusons, and in this egregious case I’m firmly Team Chase. Miriam, if you’re reading, leave our beloved mayor alone and find someone in your own hometown to manipulate.

You know as well as I that our mayor is unbribable when it comes to money but this Miriam character isn’t above using sexual favors to ensnare him. Ten years ago, this woman had tried to fit into his life in Dallas but it Chase quickly came to his senses and sent her home again.

Smart man not to allow himself to become ensnared by a seductress.

More details coming as the facts reveal themselves...

Hang in there, mayor!


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