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Purely delicious fun.
— Publishers Weekly on Rumor Has It
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Bravo, you!

You've found the home base for my sexy tales packed with laugh-out-loud humor, emotion, and happily ever afters. My website is the absolute best way to find out information about Jessica Lemmon books.

Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm a bestselling author of bad boys and billionaires (sometimes both!), and have been published with powerhouses like Harlequin, Random House, Grand Central, and more.Want to know where to start? Browse the bookstore, or head this way for specific recommendations

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Kick off your shoes and stay a while.

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shouldn't reading be fun?

YES. And if you’re feeling more frustrated than recharged, back away from whatever you’re reading and pick up something else! Life’s too short for bad books, my friend. Grab a modern-day, filled-with-fun, sexily-ever-after Jessica Lemmon novel and retreat into luxury, love, and laughter. Spend fifteen minutes between the pages with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine each day and take that mini-vacay you deserve.
— Jessica Lemmon


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