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The Lemmondrops Superfans group on Facebook is a fun, interactive way to connect with other readers who are also Jessica Lemmon fans. If this sounds like your cup of tea (or “lemmondrop”), don’t spend another minute without us! Grab a cocktail (or mocktail, we don’t judge) and join today.

*Now welcoming new members to this closed, private group.





group details

The Lemmondrops is a closed group, but feel free to invite friends who also love Jessica’s books. Members are encouraged to share and discuss any books you’re reading. Please keep all content shared in the group private, unless otherwise stated.


1) Be cool. Like Fonzie.

2) We love to see member posts! Please introduce yourself (with a pic if you like) and tell us your favorite Jessica Lemmon book.

3) Posts directly selling and advertising products or websites will be removed.

4) Please refrain from posting links/instructions for early access for books not yet released (ARCs).