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I love to have my nails done!

And when I became an author it was even more important for me to make sure my hands were pretty. For signings, or when writing in my planner, or, well, anywhere. I chose these nail appliqués (which are 100% real polish and free of 8 nasty chemicals we shouldn't be using on our precious digits) because they were simple, fast, and lasted for 7-14 days depending on how many dishes you scrub. 


The company stopped selling direct and started relying on a team of Independent stylists to spread the word. So, kiddies. Here I am. Your romance author/independent stylist at your service.

Of course if you're just here for the books, that's totally fine. I have plenty of those here.

If you're curious about how to have the prettiest nails in town, you can request to join my Lemmony Nails Facebook group (Zero Dry Time is the nickname) here:

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