What to Read

Don’t know where to start? Try these!


“I don’t usually read romance.”

Start with The Billionaire Bachelor.

A modern-day marriage of convenience between a stone-cold billionaire and a snarky, willful heroine who agrees to the farce… but only for six-months time.

“I love small towns and lots of emotion.”

Start with Bringing Home the Bad Boy.

Close family and friend relationships, lots of emotion and super sexy encounters! Evan Downey, single father and widower, is ready to get back out there and he has his sights set on his late wife’s best friend…

“Romantic comedy for me, please!”

Want a light, funny, delicious read for a vacation or even the ride to work on the train? I suggest any of the Real Love series books—they’re interconnected but can be read as standalones. Eye Candy is the first one if you like to go in order.


About the Author


Jessica Lemmon is a multi-published contemporary romance author, and you probably found your way here because of the books.

Her brand ranges from bad boys to billionaires and everything in between. She has been published in Women's World magazine, reviewed by Publishers Weekly and Library Journal (who both had very nice things to say!), and is published by powerhouses such as Harlequin, Grand Central Publishing, Random House and more. She even once penned a book for James Patterson. Alongside being a writer, Jessica is also a positivity maven, a joy advocate, and an animal lover.

Dear Reader,

hautestock flowers.jpg

I want life to be good for you which is why I write romance that ends with happily ever after. You're not going to invest in one of my books and put in the time to read it only for one of the main characters to keel over in the end. 😵  If you think a book has to be rife with pain to be relevant, try basking in the glow of a well-written romance novel for a change of pace. There is pain and real-life struggle, but in the end, the heroine has all the happy her heart desires.

Joy is contagious!

So let’s go viral! Wellness isn't only what you eat, it’s also what you think about, how much joy you feel on a daily basis, and how you thrive even if you're in an environment with people whose goals seem to be the exact opposite. I want you to feel good. That's why I write romance novels that end with happy tears sometimes and smiles always. My Instagram grid is a happy splash of color intended to brighten your day, and my Pinterest boards are filled with images that make you either a) want to read a sexy book or b) make you smile and encourage you. I share the occasional recipe here on my blog, too, as well as health tips (recently I wrote a Healthy Author series). I also have a Lemmon Recommends section to help you navigate the minefield of WHAT THE HECK TO READ. I only recommend the best, honest

Any fellow writers out there?


Writing can be a lonely, confusing business, especially at the beginning. Since before I was published, I've always made time to share what I've learned (and am learning!) on this crazy-fun journey. If you're an aspiring writer, or currently published, I invite you join me. My For Writers section of my blog is filled with tips for plotting, characters, and sometimes I share downloadables in my online store. (You can check here for availability.)