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Whenever I meet someone who learns I write romance novels, also known as "those books," I receive a plethora of reactions ranging from polite to excited. My favorite question to be asked by someone interested in the books is "Where do I start?" As an author with over twenty books in publication, that's an understandable conundrum... that I never quite know how to answer!

I write books in series and standalone formats, short books, long books. Most are punchy romantic comedies with deep emotional wells, other explore dark subjects like abuse and grief but always, always end with a happily ever after. If you found this page because you're wondering "where to start" you're in the right place. 🍋

*Keep reading or take a shortcut by choosing one of the books below, which are all the first books in a series:


What I believe.

  • I believe in romance and coffee and happily ever after and a comfy pair of slippers.
  • I believe that creating is what brings you closest to God since He is a creator Himself.
  • I believe in laughing with someone never at them.
  • I reject judgement, gossip, betrayal, and unkindness. 
  • I believe that life teaches us many, many things through trials and tribulations and I've had a lot of those myself.

Why am I telling you this? Because that's what you can expect to find in a Jessica Lemmon book.

For a #1 bestselling genre, romance is grossly underrated and openly mocked. For decades, it's been a genre written for women by women, and mostly, still is. With the birth of self-publishing romance has exploded and blurred the lines between a book's value, what's taboo and what's not, and how frequently novels are published. It's an exciting (and sometimes frustrating) time to be a published author.


Why we read romance.

Speaking as a long-time romance reader myself (since age 22, and I'm considered to be a late bloomer!), I devour novels with a promised happily-ever-after for the same reason I imagine most romance readers devour them: because in our heart of hearts, we want to be happy, achieve goals, and win the day. We want to be loved for who we truly are, and that includes our flaws. We don't want to read about perfect people in perfect lives that don't make mistakes. We want to love others fully and then give from our overwhelming abundance. We love fresh starts, first kisses, and happily ever after.


I write about love.


Ho boy, do I run into a lot of confused people whenever I boldly and proudly state that I'm a contemporary romance novelist. Those of you in the know wink and nudge and ask if it's the "hot stuff" to which I concur that yes, it is the hot stuff. But don't let the fact that there are sex scenes in my books fool you. It's a novel with a complete story and plenty of substance. Every last one of my novels is brimming with emotion, charm, and love.

Those of you with limited knowledge of the wide and richly-populated romance universe usually mention Fifty Shades of Gray or Fabio when I tell you what I do. That is completely okay, but know that there is much more to this diverse genre than a model who posed on covers decades ago and the Fifty Shades phenomenon. 

*Side note: My life's work is not trash, smut, or porn. I write contemporary romance. 

I write about relationships. More importantly, I write about beginnings. My books are about men and women who are starting over or starting out. Some have been divorced. Some have never been married. Some have been in long-term relationships that ended badly. Some have been in a relationship with each other before and are trying again. A few are virgins. A few are playboy cads. All of them are deserving of love, and most of them have no idea that the person they've encountered is going to be their forever person and/or the mother/father of their future children. 

I write about love in its rawest and realest form. I am fascinated by human beings and how we react to life. I've read books on everything from birth order to business building to organization to love languages. Whenever I'm fascinated by a subject, I infuse it into my writing. 


My books aren't for everyone.

As much as I would love for every person on this planet to have a Jessica Lemmon book in hand, there's a truth even my pie-in-the-sky self is going to have to acknowledge. My books aren't right for everyone. If you don't like to read about sex. If you're offended by swearing. If you're reading as a critic rather than kicking back, relaxing, and having a little fun... my books aren't for you. 


the right person for my books.

Who are Jessica Lemmon books written for? Any reader who wants a real and raw emotional experience, with zero punches pulled. My characters will make mistakes, make you gasp in shock (and probably delight.) My books are for readers who love to laugh out loud and smile on the inside and outside. They're for readers who text their friends the funny line that made them laugh, or recommend the hot love scene that made them blush (and/or that they now want to try out). Jessica Lemmon novels are for those of you who want to escape the daily drudgery of work, social media, pressures of life, and laundry.

If you like substance, real-world romance, and want to have some fun, folks... I'm your girl.


the right book for the person.

Now that you know a sexy, splashy, real, raw, and fun Jessica Lemmon book is for you, which one do you start with? I'm going to be very specific here, but I'm also going to encourage you to sift through the books page and peruse the covers and get a feel for the one for you. 



I love what I do.

If we're a perfect fit, reader to author, and you loved the Jessica Lemmon book you just read, I want to hear from you! You can contact me on this page by filling out the contact form. I invite you to join my weekly newsletter! 

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