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Hi, I’m Jessica

and I write romance novels.

You know, the really good stuff filled with 💋 kissing and relationships and plenty of feels. I assume you already know about the romance novels or else you wouldn’t be here. Like the one about the billionaire bachelor who arranged his own 💍 marriage of convenience, or the lakeside bad boy rock god 🤘who finds out he’s the father of a toddler. Oh! What about when a clean-cut hunk accepts a dare to date the rebellious redheaded bartender? 🥃

Take a gander around the website to learn more about the books, or check out my blog and read a bit about… well, everything. If your deepest heart’s desire is to be a published author, you might find my section for writers ✍🏻 to be of some help. Or maybe you’ve just found out about me and have no idea where to start–if that’s the case, I have a section for you here

Either way, thanks for swinging by.

Here are a few fun facts about me that are easy to remember.

(For that quiz later…) 😜

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From Jessica's Blog

The End is the Beginning

Posted Oct 18 2017 in , ,

      Snowed In at the Mayor’s Mansion is DONE! Kind of. Snowed In (working title) is the second book in my upcoming Harlequin Desire series. “The End” is always cause for celebration, but I’m holding off on popping the champagne on this particular title. My work has just begun. Two days ago I […]


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