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Dear Reader Letter

Arm Candy (Real Love, #2)Arm Candy by Jessica Lemmon

Dear Reader,

What happens with a suited, regimented, dirty-talking hero breaks his one big rule to date a redhead? What happens when a tattooed, pierced, feisty bartender heroine steps way out of her comfort zone to explore a *gulp* relationship? Sparks fly in Arm Candy, and quite frankly, the hotter it got, the less inclined I was to turn on the firehose! Davis and Grace (Gracie Lou, as he teasingly calls her) took quite the journey on their way to Happily Ever After, but I enjoyed the ride. I hope you do, too.

Also in this book:
*Meet Dax! The hero in Man Candy: A Real Love Novel
*Sexting isn’t going to cut it for Davis-he has something else in mind…
*Catch up with Jackie and Davis from book 1, Eye Candy



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