Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be more bad boys?

My most frequently asked question typically comes from readers who have just plowed through the Second Chance series and want MORE of my Evergreen Cove bad boys. Since I’m traditionally published, the publisher makes the decision if they’d like to buy and distribute more of any one series. In this case, we stopped at four books and then moved on.


But… but… what about Evan and Charlie?!

Sigh. I know, guys. I miss them too! I didn’t intend to leave you with an unintentional cliffhanger at the end of Return of the Bad Boy, honest. I thought it would be more of a choose-your-own-adventure wherein you, the reader get to decide what happens next for them. If I have news on Evan and Charlie (and Lyon), I’ll be sure to share it in the Lemmon 15. Learn more or subscribe here.


Will there be more billionaires?

On the flip side of that same “bad boy” coin, I’m asked often about whether I’ll be continuing the Billionaire Bad Boys series. The answer? Sort of! My Harlequin series, Dallas Billionaires Club features two characters you met in that series. Book one, Lone Star Lovers is about Zachary Ferguson and Penelope Brand. Learn more by clicking here.


Have you heard about the Christmas freebie featuring ALL of the Crane brothers? Check it out here.


Why can’t I buy ____ in paperback?

Some publishers do not offer paperback versions of the books. In that case, the book will be available digital only for your e-reader, or via the free app downloaded on your iPhone or computer. For your convenience, I list the formats available for each book on this website in the books section, or you can check the Paperback section. If a title isn’t listed in Paperback, it’s not available in print. I’m aware of the high demand for paperback books, trust me! I’d love it if all my titles were available in paperback/mass market formats. 


Where can I find your books?

If the book is available in paperback, it could be at Target, Sam’s, Costco, grocery stores, and Wal-mart… or none of the above! So helpful, I know. Sorry. Paperback distribution varies, and is dwindling (the book section at my local Target is tiny!)  Your best bet is to check with your local bookstore or Amazon.com

Of course, in the case of the digital book, you’ll always find it right where you need it. 🙂 


Do I have to read the books in order?

Only if you want to! All of my books can be read as “standalones” meaning they are part of a series but you won’t be lost if you jump in at book 3 or even 4. (One exception might be the novella Can’t Let Go, which is a prequel to Hard to Handle.)

Note: The best way to find out which order to read series books in is to use the BOOKS page on this website. I’ve listed all my books order, and you can now sort by recently released, coming soon, and even paperback. The Standalone section is just that–books that are not part of a series and have no crossover characters. 


Do you have a Facebook group?

The official Jessica Lemmon Superfans Group, the Lemmondrops is a closed, private Facebook group and we’re currently accepting new members. 





Do you have a monthly newsletter?

Kind of. I hesitate to call it a “newsletter” since newsletters feel out of control in my own inbox! The Lemmon 15 is the perfect treat and a great solution to all the hype. No cross-promo, no ads. Just a monthly update from Yours Truly about what’s going on in my author world.





I wrote a book. Would you be willing to read and give me feedback?

Sorry, no. But I do want to congratulate you on finishing your manuscript. As much as I’d love to read your masterpiece and provide feedback, that would take a tremendous amount of time. However, I often write blogs with “Write Tips” and I also have a dedicated page for writers here. Good luck to you!


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