50 Hidden Desires

he’s #1 on her sexy bucket list

James Patterson Presents… 50 Hidden Desires by Jessica Lemmon


Holly Larson wants to step out of her family’s shadow and live her own life. Her mind is full of sexy fantasies, but she doesn’t have anyone to share them with–until she calls upon her gorgeous childhood crush, Dalton Thomas. Now, she’s ready to check every box on her list….


*A bonus title, Can’t Let Go by Jessica Lemmon, is included in this e-release!




Series Info

  • Standalone (unconnected)

  • Featuring Dalton & Holly

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Author Jessica Lemmon’s writing added some spice to Holly’s sweet, budding relationship with Dalton—and it made me enjoy reading about their romance even more. I hope you will, too.
— James Patterson



Dear Reader,

In the spring of 2016, I woke in the middle of the night with chattering in my head. This happens sometimes… Two characters came to me having a conversation and I knew I needed to crawl, bleary-eyed, from my warm covers and type it all up or else they’d evaporate by morning. I knew he was her older brother’s best friend, and I knew she’d finally come to age and wanted to try lots of fun and sexy things with someone she trusted. The rub? He was indebted to her family for pulling him out of poverty… wouldn’t acting on his attraction be… okay, fun, but also WRONG?

Two days later, my agent let me know that James Patterson was looking for stories for his upcoming Bookshots line, and she asked me if I had anything that might fit what he was looking for. It just so happened I did, and it just so happened Mr. Patterson liked the idea very much.

Writing this book was challenging, in that it’s a shorter format than I’m used to, but still a complete (from beginning to end with no cliffhangers!) book. Like my editor said, though, I managed to pack a lot of scenes, emotion, and love into this compact package. I hope you enjoy meeting Dalton and Holly more than I did… I mean, I like them just fine, but they did interrupt a good night’s sleep. 😉



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