Which of your books should I read first?

Readers love my Chicago Billionaires series (Billionaire Bad Boys), so I recommend you start with them. Billionaires not your jam? Grab Eye Candy and start the Real Love series—it’s a series of five, mostly standalone with some crossover and chock full of steam and sass. If you’d rather decide on your own you can browse by READING ORDER or BY SERIES.


Why can’t I buy all Jessica Lemmon books in paperback?

The simple answer is not all publishers offer paperback versions of their books. It might not be in their business model. In that case, the book will be available digital only for your e-reader, or via the free app downloaded on your smartphone or computer. For your convenience, I list the formats available for each book on the individual book's page. You can also check the Paperback or Audio sections of this website.


Will there be more Billionaire Bad Boys?

Sort of! My Harlequin series, Dallas Billionaires Club features two characters you met in that series. Book one, Lone Star Lovers is about Zachary Ferguson and Penelope Brand. I also wrote a Christmas short featuring the entire Crane family. Check it out here.


Will there be more (Second Chance) bad boys?

As much as I loved Evan, Donovan, Connor, and Asher, and the other secondary characters I dropped into the books (Alessandre! Ant! Brady!) I have no current plans to extend the series. I recommend reading my Real Love series for similar humor, emotion and characters.


Where can I find your books?

If the book is available in paperback, it could be at Target, Sam’s, Costco, grocery stores, and Wal-mart… or none of the above! So helpful, I know. 🙃 Paperback distribution varies depending on the store’s shelf availability and where you live. Your best bet is to check with your local bookstore or Amazon.com.


Where can I find you on social media?

The best place to find me is here on this website, or by being updated via my newsletter (sign up here). I am active on Instagram as well as Pinterest (every one of my books has a board). I have a Facebook group (see next question), and while I post my blogs to both my Facebook Page and my Twitter account, I rarely interact there. The best place to reach me is by sending me an email here.


Do you have a Facebook group?

The official Jessica Lemmon Superfans Group, the Lemmondrops is a closed, private Facebook group and we’re currently accepting new members. JOIN TODAY!


Do you participate in book signings?

YES. You can find a list of places I'm visiting and dates HERE.


I wrote a book. Would you be willing to read it and give me feedback?

Congratulations on finishing your manuscript! That's a huge accomplishment, and one most aspiring writers don't reach! You should definitely reward yourself with a champagne toast. 🥂 However, as much as I’d love to read your masterpiece and provide feedback, I'm sorry to say that I'll have to decline. But! You can find many “Write Tips” in my For Writers section if you'd like to check it out.

Best of luck to you!