frequently asked questions

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Where do I start?

I'm so glad you asked. I have a detailed answer right here. ;)


Why can’t I buy [this specific book] in paperback?

Some publishers do not offer paperback versions of the books. In that case, the book will be available digital only for your e-reader, or via the free app downloaded on your smartphone or computer. For your convenience, I list the formats available for each book on the individual book's page. You can also check the Paperback or Audio sections.


Will there be more billionaires?

I’m asked often about whether I’ll be continuing the Billionaire Bad Boys series. The answer? Sort of! My Harlequin series, Dallas Billionaires Club features two characters you met in that series. Book one, Lone Star Lovers is about Zachary Ferguson and Penelope Brand. 

UPDATE: I wrote a Christmas short featuring the entire Crane family. Check it out here.


Will there be more bad boys?

My most frequently asked question typically comes from readers who have plowed through the Second Chance series and want MORE of my Evergreen Cove bad boys. Since I’m traditionally published, the publisher makes the decision if they’d like to buy and distribute more of any one series. In this case, we stopped at four books and then moved on.


Where can I find your books?

If the book is available in paperback, it could be at Target, Sam’s, Costco, grocery stores, and Wal-mart… or none of the above! So helpful, I know. Sorry. Paperback distribution varies depending on the stores where you live. Your best bet is to check with your local bookstore or


Do you have a Facebook group?

The official Jessica Lemmon Superfans Group, the Lemmondrops is a closed, private Facebook group and we’re currently accepting new members. JOIN TODAY


Do you have a monthly newsletter?

Yes! The Lemmon 15 is delivered to your inbox on the 15th of every month. (Be sure to add authorjessicalemmon [at] gmail [dot] com to your safe senders list, or else the newsletter might get chucked into SPAM.) You can sign up here.


Do you participate in book signings?

Yes, when the opportunity arises. I love book signings and interacting with readers one-on-one. Unfortunately in this digital age, interest in physical appearances are far less than they used to be. To find out if I have anything scheduled in your area, click the MEET link at the bottom of this page or HERE.


I wrote a book. Would you be willing to read and give me feedback?

First off, congratulations on finishing your manuscript! That's a huge accomplishment, and one most aspiring writers don't reach! You should definitely reward yourself with a champagne toast. 🥂 As much as I’d love to read your masterpiece and provide feedback, I'm sorry to say that I'll have to decline. It would take a tremendous amount of time I simply don't have. However, I offer “Write Tips” in my For Writers section if you'd like to check it out. Best of luck to you!