A Snowbound Scandal

Snowed in with her ex

As the snow falls, her touch sets him aflameโ€ฆ

โ€œI donโ€™t want you to leave.โ€
Texas billionaire Chase Ferguson has one regret: leaving Miriam Andrix to protect her from his public life. When a snowstorm strands her in his mountain mansion, their passion reignites, and itโ€™s too hot to resist! But realityโ€”and scandalโ€”arrives with the thaw. Chase turned his back on happiness once. Will he fight for what he truly wants this time?


Series Info

  • Book 2, Dallas Billionaires Club series

  • Featuring Chase & Miriam

International readers

  • Foreign versions of Lone Star Lovers are available in Germany, Spain, Japan, Australia and UK.

  • Escรกndalo En La Nieve will be available September 3, 2019 in the Deseo line.

The Dallas Duchess

I didn't expect my fictitious renowned blogger, The Dallas Duchess to appear in the entire Dallas Billionaires Club series, but she kept cropping up! As a result, I've created her blog here on my website. 

*WARNING* If you haven't yet read the books you may encounter spoilers! You can visit the Dallas Duchess home page here.

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At the entrance of Whole Foods, the automated doors swished aside and the fragrant scent of mulled cider wafted out. She lifted her head and closed her eyes to inhale her most favorite scentโ€”autumnโ€”when a competing smell mingled with the cider.

Sandalwood. Pine. A touch of leatherโ€ฆ And eerily familiar. As was the voice that crashed into her like a runaway shopping cart.


She snapped her head up and her gaze collided with a man taller than her by several inches, his devastatingly handsome face broken up by the frown on his forehead and additional lines at the corners of his gray-green eyes. His jaw sported a barely-there five oโ€™clock shadow, and his hair was in the same disarray she remembered from ten years agoโ€”the one crooked part of Chase Ferguson that couldnโ€™t be tamed.

โ€œChase. Hi.โ€ She blinked again at the man in front of her, having the half-crazed thought that sheโ€™d summoned him with her mind. A week ago sheโ€™d received a photo of herself in an envelope sheโ€™d had to sign for. Along with the photo was a letter from the mayor of Dallasโ€™s officeโ€”Chaseโ€™s officeโ€”that was signed by a womanโ€™s hand. Miriam had read the two neatly typed paragraphs and tossed the letter into the trash. There was no action step for her, merely a โ€œmaking you awareโ€ note that she might be mentioned in Mayor Chase Fergusonโ€™s upcoming campaign and โ€œmay be called upon in the futureโ€ for her cooperation.

But throwing the letter into the wastebasket hadnโ€™t removed the memories of Chase from her head. For a solid week, sheโ€™d reflected on the summer theyโ€™d spent together, fumed anew at the senseless way heโ€™d cast her aside and played out a few scenarios wherein sheโ€™d enjoy humiliating his motherโ€”whom Miriam blamed in part for Chase breaking things off.

โ€œI didnโ€™t expect to run into you while I was here,โ€ the man from her past was saying. It was the same deep, silken voice she remembered, but his Texas drawl was diminished, no doubt due to rigorous training from a speech coach.

โ€œThatโ€™s my line,โ€ she said with a flat smile, stepping aside to allow a woman pushing a stroller to go in ahead of her.

Chase palmed Miriamโ€™s arm and physically moved her to the side of the automated door, and if she was still twenty-three and over-the-moon crazy about him, she might have said that his hand was warm and brought back memories of the summer they spent with each other, most of those days wearing as little clothing as was legal. Sometimes less.

โ€œYes, I suppose that would be your line.โ€ His smile hitched at one corner and dropped like itโ€™d never been there. He adjusted the paper grocery bag in the crook of his arm.

โ€œWhat are you doing in Montana?โ€ She had to ask. Because seriouslyโ€”what?...


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