Temporary to Tempted

a destination wedding is only the beginning

I loved this story! Andy is a smart, efficient and talented businesswoman with a stellar reputation. Gage is able to see all facets of Andy’s personality, a rare treat, and one he increasingly realizes is drawing him to her more than he expected.
— Harlequin Junkie

Yours for the weekend… give or take forever.
Desperate not to be single at her sister’s wedding, Andrea Payne offers to pay a total stranger to be her date. But the hunk who turns her down is Gage Fleming, the man who just hired her! To keep her on the job, Gage says yes. But when their ruse turns to real passion, they must choose—end it now…or make it last?


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Series Info

  • Book 2, The Bachelor Pact

  • Featuring Gage Fleming & Andrea Payne

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