Real Love


Packed with both laughter and some of the hottest sex scenes Iโ€™ve ever written, the Real Love series can be enjoyed as standalones, but is best when binged. From best friends in the workplace, to a bartendress who falls for a suit, to a one-night-stand that turns into forever, the โ€œCandyโ€ books are all about fun and heat. Rumor Has It and Americaโ€™s Sweetheart round out the five-pack when the bad boy of the NFL woos a type-A journalist, and high school sweethearts reunite after one of them has become famous for stealing an Academy Award.

These books are all available on e-book and audio.


From the Author

Pick a favorite:
Americaโ€™s Sweetheart

Most proud of:
Rumor Has It & Americaโ€™s Sweetheart were both Amazon Best books of the month. (May & October 2018)

Most fun to write:
Rumor Has It. I let Barrett Fox off the leash and Iโ€™ve never had more fun.

Author Confession:
Two weeks before its release, I learned that my treasured Rumor Has It had been marked DNF and dubbed โ€œoffensiveโ€ by a few early readers. Iโ€™m embarrassed to say that I let one comment in particular dig way, way under my skin. I was angry and sad for weeks. I loved this book and was incredibly proud of it, so when my treasured story was dismissed, it hurt. BUT. I pulled my shoulders back. I kept my head up. I trusted in the hard work my editor and I had done on this book and decided that Iโ€™d sooner scrap the entire project than censor a single word. So I didnโ€™t. And the book came out. And it was named a Best Book of the Month from Amazon and a Top Pick from Harlequin Junkie. Publisherโ€™s Weekly gave it a glowing review (โ€œPurely delicious funโ€), and this book earned me my first Library Journal review (โ€œPure sizzleโ€).

The Moral: Write whatโ€™s in your heart! If someone comes along to bash it, hold your head high and refuse to apologize for a single polished word. This is your work. No one elseโ€™s. ๐Ÿ’•